May 30, 2024 · 4 minutes read · Detox

How to Detox from Mold, Heavy Metals, Aluminum, and More!


The answers on how to naturally detox your body from unwanted toxins!

When it comes to pioneering wellness initiatives, Cloe and Michele Bohbot, the Co-Founders of Oxynergy2, are at the forefront with their groundbreaking approach to detoxification. On an upcoming podcast episode with The Healer Revolution, they discussed how their latest development, a mold detox program, is reshaping how individuals confront and cleanse their bodies of toxins.

Sweat It Out is a real saying!

The process starts with an innovative sauna pod designed to facilitate intense detoxification. Participants wear special suits made from a material similar to garbage bags, enhancing the effectiveness of the session. “We equip each client with two sweat suits and place them in a hyperthermic pod,” Michele explains. This environment significantly raises the body’s temperature, prompting a profound sweating process.

Hydration plays a crucial role in this detox program. Before entering the sauna pod, clients are adequately hydrated to ensure safety and optimize results. Over the course of 45 minutes, they experience intense sweating, which is not only a means of purging bodily toxins but also a visual indicator of the detox’s effectiveness.

After each session, the sweat collected in clear plastic cups serves as a tangible proof of the process working. “You can physically see how dirty their sweat is, filled with mold and visible black particles,” Michele describes. This visible change in sweat clarity is a crucial measure of progress in their program.

The regimen requires commitment: clients undergo this detox three times a week for four weeks. The goal is for the sweat to eventually appear clear, indicating a significant reduction in bodily toxins.

Post Detox Hydration is Super Important!

To support recovery and replenishment after each session, Oxynergy2 incorporates a post-detox treatment involving an intravenous drip. “Usually once a week, they’ll receive an IV loaded with clear fluids, electrolytes, and glutathione—an amazing antioxidant crucial for eliminating free radicals and mold from the body,” she adds.

This comprehensive approach not only focuses on immediate detox results but also on long-term health benefits. The combination of sweating out toxins and replenishing the body with essential nutrients allows participants to experience a rejuvenation that impacts their overall well-being.

The Final Part of the Detox Program at Oxynergy2 involves Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Hyperbaric is shown to help with Mold-Related Symptoms

Symptoms of mold exposure, such as fatigue, headaches, and cognitive difficulties, can be alleviated with HBOT. The increased oxygen levels can help reduce these symptoms by supporting overall cellular health and improving brain function.

Removal of Toxins

In cases of mold toxicity, the body needs to eliminate mycotoxins, which are toxic compounds produced by mold. HBOT can enhance the body’s ability to break down and remove these toxins more efficiently, reducing the toxic load and its associated symptoms. Through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, the body is able to get rid of the cells that are not serving the body and create new healthy cells. The organs that were damaged from the toxins, including the skin, can now heal through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy!

Oxynergy2’s dedication to health innovation doesn’t just stop at the development of new programs; it’s also about ensuring that these solutions are accessible and effective. Cloe’s role as Marketing Director involves not just creating these transformative health programs but also educating the public about the importance of detoxification and the unique benefits their sauna pod offers.

As wellness continues to be a pivotal aspect of modern lifestyle choices, the initiatives led by Oxynergy2 highlight the importance of innovative health solutions. Their mold detox program exemplifies how advanced technology and thoughtful wellness practices can come together to forge pathways to healthier lives. Through Michele and Cloe’s leadership, Oxynergy2 remains a beacon of innovation in the wellness industry, providing effective, visible solutions for those looking to improve their health in substantial ways.

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